We understand at SunChaser that you might have few questions!

What to wear? 

Wear clothes you can get wet in - swimsuit or dry-fit yoga wear works well, as do board shorts. Avoid cotton or anything excessively baggy. Wear sunscreen and a hat! You may also wish to bring a towel and water bottle. Bring a layer in case the wind picks up.

Leave all cell phones and valuables behind.

Where to meet? 

It depends on the location you signed up for! Click the link below to learn the details of each location.

Weather Cancellations? 

Lucky being located in sunny San Diego we have few days of rain a year. Unfortunately we can’t control the weather, and when it rains we can do our best to avoid it. So why no class when it rains? Besides being uncomfortable you also risk getting sick. Not only due to being cold, water quality also becomes to be unsafe.

How do I find photos? 

Photos are a free perk we added to our classes to capture your SunChaser experience.  It is our way of saying thank you for choosing us. Photos are posted to our FB page once a week. Please try to be patient with your photos we know how excited you are to receive them. We do our best to get them posted in a timely manner.  

How do I chase the sun?

We require a reservation for all of our classes on land and on sea.  Ensure you reserve your spot today by clicking the "Sign up" button in schedule. Send all other inquires to our email and we would be happy to set up your next adventure. 

Do I need to know yoga or how to paddle? 

There answer is NO.  We begin each SUP Yoga class with a beginners land lesson. Our class caters to all levels of yoga. We will build your confidence and encourage you to be playful with the practice .....

What if I fall?

It doesn’t happen too too frequently except to those that don’t mind falling in in the first place! And on days of colder weather we adjust class to make our poses less strenuous and more relaxing, but in the summertime we encourage it! Falling is a part of learning and growing! After you have fallen once, you learn it’s not that scary and actually pretty fun! Life jackets are giving to all students in the water and of course you don’t have to try anything that you are uncomfortable with.