Ride the wave of your breath


SunChaser SUP Yoga (All Levels - 90 Minutes): SunChaser SUP Yoga class is great for anyone! We welcome all levels of experience (or no experience at all) in Yoga or Paddleboarding to join us on the water. The class starts on land with a quick lesson to orient students with their equipment. Once on the water, breath work begins during a short, scenic paddle through the harbor. After we’ve anchored into our “studio” for the day, we flow through a series of Asanas (yoga poses). All poses led by the instructor have an easier or more challenging variation. Remember: you’re the captain of your SUP Yoga practice, make it as relaxing or energetic as you choose!

All classes include equipment, lesson, and digital photos.

 Group pricing available : email us for details hello@sunchasersup.com 





SunChaser SUP Pilates (All Levels - 90 Minutes):

SUP Pilates
A unique class that  combines Stand Up Paddleboarding with Pilates This Class offers a  total body conditioning and balance training on the water. Using our SUP board as a Pilates mat, you will experience a session of leg strengthening, upper body toning, and core exercises. All while being kissed by the sun. 




SunChaser Private Beach Yoga (All Levels - 60 minutes): If getting out on the water isn’t possible, let one of our SunChasers come to you on land and experience a private beach yoga class for you and your guests. Birthday parties, bridal parties, work events, or just a family day at the park. Pricing varies, inquire via email.

SunChaser Corporate Yoga/Meditation (All Levels - 45 minutes): It isn’t always possible to get all the way to the beach to enjoy yoga and clear your mind. Our SunChaser instructors can come to you for an in-office yoga/meditation class so you barely have to leave your desk to feel Zen.

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