We have two locations with SunChaser SUP.  Please confirm your class location.  


Liberty Station 

Where we are located :  2592 Laning Rd, San Diego, CA 92106 ( the address to the Marriott Liberty Station) We are located right beside the hotel at the end of Farragut Road. We are associated with The  SUP Connection. 

How to find us :

We launch into the water at the end of Farragut Rd, right beside the Marriott Liberty Station. Farragut Rd is a dead end street, you will find a path that leads you straight down to the water. We set up at the waters edge.  

Parking:   Free street parking on  Farragut Rd or in the parking lot. 


Mission  Bay  

Where we are located:  1001  West Briarfield Dr., San Diego 

How to find us :  We meet on the sand where the bayside walk meets West Briarfield dr.  

We do NOT have a store front on Mission Bay.  We are a mobile business.  Look for boards and instructor right on the beach. 


Contact Us

Feel free to drop us a line with any questions you may have. 

We are stoked to take you on your SunChaser journey. 

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