We understand at SunChaser that you might have few questions Check below to see if your qs is answered there....

What to wear? 

Wear comfortable clothing you can move in. Dress in layers. Make sure your clothes are wa........

What to bring? 

Bring a towel, sunscreen, and water to hydrate.  Leave all cell phones and valuables behind. Just bring a smile, and lets have some fun!!

Where to meet? 

Our SUP yoga classes  meet down at the waters edge under the orange tent. We are located along side the Marriott Hotel. Look for the SUP Connection truck and follow the walkway to the water. 

Where to park? 

Parking is free in and around the Marriott hotel. There is plenty of street parking available. 

How do I find photos? 

Photos are a free perk we added to our classes to capture your SunChaser experience.  It is our way of saying thank you for choosing us. Photos are posted to our FB page once a week. Please try to be patient with your photos we know how excited you are to receive them. We do our best to get them posted in a timely manner.  

How do I chase the sun?

We require a reservation for all of our classes on land and on sea.  Ensure you reserve your spot today by clicking the "Sign up" button in schedule. Send all other inquires to our email and we would be happy to set up your next adventure. 

Do I need to know yoga or how to paddle? 

There answer is NO.  We begin each SUP Yoga class with a beginners land lesson. Our class cater to all levels of yoga. We will peal back your layers of fear, encourage you to flirt with the practice .....

What if I fall? But what if you Fly? 

Falling is all apart of learning and growing. That is where the fun begins. Life jackets are giving to all students in the water

Let go ! Have fun and come chase the sun!